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Artist Spotlight: Sydney Leigh

Happy Friday folks! Today we have the pleasure of featuring one of the brightest young electro-pop talents of 2016! Sydney Leigh is just 17 years old, but she’s already poised to take over the mainstream radio waves. Today marks the release of her brand new EP, “Reinvented,” and it’s a dance-pop gem.  Sydney is our Artist Spotlight of the day!



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Sydney Leigh made a splash at the age of 15 (crazy, we know,) dropping a fine EP by the name of “Crazy Beautiful“and collecting a sizable amount of press coverage. Since then, SL has put some serious time and energy into polishing and maturing her look, as well as experimenting and expanding her songwriting skill-set. Sydney collaborated with sensational LA producer Chris Ganoudis of Like The Movies to co-write a phenomenal collection of songs, each serving to show a different side of Sydney‘s musical Identity.

Lets go track by track! “Out of Air” is a modern electro-pop anthem with a fullness of sound that rivals Katy Perry’s radio hits of the last few years. “Walls” is an emotionally melodic song with a steady pace backed up by trap-influenced drum-machine effects, resulting in a sonically engaging track. Inspired by Shakira, “Bailando Loco,” is a snappy and flavorful latin-dance jam that would slay in beach clubs worldwide. Lastly, “Bring the Bass Back” is an r&b/hip hop influenced groove with a jazzy Sax breakdown, supported by talented Chicago MC A-Cross’ flow.


It’s easy to see the vision for Sydney Leigh‘s imminent pop-star adventure unfolding over the next year. We would love to see her mesmerize an audience at a festival like Texas’ Utopia Fest  or Fiji’s Your Paradise beach bonanza. Keep an eye out for Sydney Leigh, she’s taking 2016 by storm.

Stream Sydney Leigh‘s brand new EP, “Reinvented,” exclusively on Spotify below!

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